- As Long As You Love Me ♥

Lyssna & Njut! ♥

- Demi lovato - Together ♥

- Music ♥

- Demi Lovato ''Give your heart a break'' Piano only version

- Megan & Liz - Call me maybe

- Tidinställt: Music ♥

- Tidinställt: Music ♥

- Jennifer Lopez - Dance again ft Pitbull

- Megan and Liz "What Makes You Beautiful" (One Direction Cover)

- Megan Nicole Covers

- Take Care

- Paula DeAnda - Roll The Credits

- Covers

- Music in my ♥

- Infected Mushroom - U R So Fucked

- You are so unforgettable

''You make me feel like a beautiful sunrise, i like how i could get lost in your eyes, your sweet embrace, i know how much you love me, and when i'm hurt and when i'm down, you wipe my tears away, and you hold me in your arms and tell me it's okay, and you are so unforgettable, and you make me feel like an angel....''

- Valerie - Santana - Glee

- What have i done? Wish i could run, away from the ship going under

''but i hold on, i stay strong
wondering if we still belong

will we ever say the words we're feeling
reach down underneath and tear down all the walls
will we ever have a happy ending
or will we forever only be pretending
will we a-a-a-always a-a-a-always a-a-a-always be pretending''

- I want you back, w-want you back

- Call me maybe [Music Video] Justin bieber & Selena Gomez

Haha aww, shiiet vad sööta, Justin & Selena och massor mera :)
Titta bara! ;D

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